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HCG Success Stories

July 6, 2010

Testimonial re: HCG Protocol

I highly recommend the HCG Protocol regimen recommended by Mark Drugs of Roselle (originally by someone of Rome, Italy) for several reasons besides a positive weight loss.

The following reasons are:
1.40 days is so little when it accomplishes so much
2.Reduction in fatigue and increases in energy!
3.Reduction in inflammation
4.Reduction in acid-reflux/heartburn
5.Increase in taste, your food tastes so delicious!
6.Increase in mental clarity and ability to focus and concentrate
7.Better sleep.  Wake up feeling better instead of feeling so tired.
8.Your clothes fit so much better
9.No sugar (lows), so sluggishness throughout the day
10.Save $$$ since you don’t waste money and energy on empty useless food
11.Besides all this, you will lose inches and fat!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Gail Gagnon, Dr. Mark Mandel, Nick Flocco, and all the wonderful staff at Mark Drugs!  Without you, I would not have known about this healthy lifestyle change!

Lost: 29lbs
Waist= 8”
Hips= 6”
Bust= 1”
Arms= 2”
Legs= 5”

Total inches lost= 22”

(Crystal Lake, IL)

June 28, 2010


Thanks for the info – I am now at 21 pounds and 31.5 inches lost (this statistic alone amazes me)!!!  I am able to wear clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time – they fit and look good – how fun is that?

I will be starting on the maintenance phase this weekend so I’m looking forward to bringing in more fruits and vegetables.  I have been craving a nectarine of all things!
Thanks for telling me about this wonderful protocol – I am truly a big fan!
See you soon at the soccer reunion!


May 14, 2010

Good Day!

I began my HCG journey in March and lost over 15 pounds.  In a couple of ways I think I could have done better and feel that now that I have identified the issues, I am ready to begin my second session.

First, I felt I should have been losing more weight the first week until it was discovered that I was shaking the sprayer before each use and as a result, getting mostly air instead of medication.

The other reason I think I should have done better and more importantly for me, is that I didn’t follow the protocol of weighing each day and keeping track of my measurements.  While I could feel I was losing weight, I should have recognized that I was losing weight in different areas of my body.  For instance, I could see the loss in my face, but should have been also noting the loss of inches in my waist to keep my morale high.

My experience with HCG taught me a lot about myself.  Simple, but very obvious.  For instance, I no longer stop at fast food restaurants after first thinking about the physical effect it will have.

Most importantly, I have kept off about 10 pounds for the 6 weeks I have been off HCG and am ready to begin again. The lessons I learned the first time around will serve me well as I enter the next phase and work even harder.

As has been said, there is no failure in trying, only in failing to try.  I have a better feel about the HCG than any of the other things I have tried in 30 years. I am more motivated than ever.

Good Luck to everyone out there.


My Experience with HCG:

I had my gallbladder removed in October, then had complications related to that and was in and out of the hospital for three weeks in October/ November of 2009.  During that time I lost about 15 pounds and was inspired to get on a healthy weight-loss path.  I told Mark I was going to do it my way and he and Rachel could go on the HCG together because I felt it was another fad diet. However, I was counting calories and working out and not losing while Mark and Rachel were losing a pound a day. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and lost 23.5 pounds more and have kept it all off for almost 4 months; a miracle in my book. I am not counting calories or depriving myself of my favorite indulgence, chocolate chip cookies, I am just eating more sensibly because the diet pointed out to me how delicious freshly cooked healthy food could be.  I now look forward to snacks of fresh broccoli and cauliflower and pretty much stay away from fried foods because they don’t even sound good to me anymore.  Every once in a while I’ll indulge but it’s nowhere near what it used to be.

The other part of the HCG that is amazing is that I lost the most weight where I needed to lose it most, in the gut, and with no saggy skin!  I truly feel that it was life-changing for me and hope you find it the same.


My story from the beginning:

May of this year, after having a glucose level of  284, I panicked that I would have to go on insulin.  Then I heard Marc and Dr. Eisenstein’s radio show.  I knew I could trust them as Dr. E delivered the baby of my Pastor’s wife the Dickows.

I first started HCG May 22 and it is UNBELIEVABLE! I tell everyone that it is like the Stephen King movie “Thinner”   each day when I got on the scale I was always 1 or 2 pounds less.  Amazing.  Best of all, I was never hungry or weak. I had energy beyond what I could have ever thought.  Did I mention that I am 61 years young!!!!

Not only was I not hungry, I had no cravings.  Usually when I watched TV, I would be up constantly looking for something to nibble on either out of boredom or from the cravings.  Well, that has all gone. Without the cravings, the thought to eat was not even in my head.  Most days I did not even meet the 500 calories and not for the want of not trying.  I really learned portion control too. A chopped tomato with about 5-6 shrimp in a bowl really looks like a lot of food to eat.  I now do not have the urge to eat huge plates of food.   I listen to my body tell me when it is full.

I can see my feet and sleep on my stomach for the first time in 30 years.  Now I will tell you the best news.

In May my blood sugar had reached 284 and the A1C (sp?) test was 8.6, BP was 160/100, proteins in the urine was up to 300, my weight was at 206 did I mention that I am only 5’1″.

Today, I just returned from my Dr’s office here are the results.  After the HCG and the 6 week maintenance stage my weight is 182, BP is 136/70; my glucose is 150 and the blood sugar test was down to 7.2.  The proteins went from 300 down to 30.  My Dr. was as excited as I was.   She could not believe it.  I also brought her the daily chart from my blue book and the line just kept going down the page (like the stock market)!  LOL.

Thank you for not only bringing this to your listeners but I thank the Good Lord that He has given me two honest, caring people.  God Bless you both and your wonderful staff.

P.S. I will be in tomorrow for my 2nd round of HCG.



June 28, 2010

Hi my name is Elise and I am 26 years old. I started the HCG Nasal Spray Weight Loss Cure protocol March 13th, 2010. My starting weight was 134lbs and even though I didn’t have that much to lose I was still considered overweight for my age and height. No matter how hard I tried to lose weight by working out and eating healthy on my own I could not lose the weight. I was very self conscious of my body and how I felt emotionally about myself. I was most concerned about my waist, thighs, and arms. I finally realized I had to do something about it to help my own well being! I’ve tried many diets in the past and was unsuccessful. As soon as I stopped the diets, the weight quickly came right back and I could not keep it off. That all changed with the help of the HCG Nasal Spray Protocol.

My only hesitation about going on this diet was does this really work? I took it upon myself to do the research and educate myself about what the entire protocol entails. My first 40 days of the weight loss protocol I lost 22lbs and 33 total body inches with little or no hunger cravings. The inches literally melted off the areas of my body that I was most concerned about. I was very determined to follow the exact protocol and had no desire to cheat. I thought if I really want to lose this weight I better do it the right way. Next thing I knew I was done with phase II of the diet and was into my six week maintenance phase. I was shocked at how successful I was. I weighed in on my scale every day and was very religious about taking weekly body measurements. I took before and after pictures and I recommend everyone do that! When I saw the results every single day, it kept me even more motivated to follow through!

As intimidated as it was starting this very low calorie diet, I’ve found it to be one of the easiest protocols I’ve ever followed. The only side effect I witnessed was a headache the first day I started the protocol which I realized was normal due to the fact that you’re introducing a foreign hormone to your body. I also noticed I plateaued during the protocol for a couple days and was concerned why. Then I learned that when you’re not losing pounds, you’re still losing inches. In the beginning I questioned myself, how am I going to do this with my work schedule and lifestyle? I came up with my own system as far as grocery shopping, home preparation, and eating schedule and stuck by it all the way through.

Currently I’ve been done with the protocol for 3 ½ weeks and have been able to successfully maintain my weight loss. I’ve gained back my metabolism that I had 10 years ago and never felt better! From this outcome I have gained a whole new lifestyle change. I have all this new energy I’ve never had before and currently workout about 4 days a week and eat about 5-6 small meals a day. I’ve also learned to buy more lean meats at the grocery store and took it upon myself to make healthier snacks such as trail mix. I can actually say I enjoy cooking now!

April 23rd, 2010 (Day 40) I lost 23lbs during Phase II and another 3lbs during my maintenance phase. My goal was to lose 22lbs and bring my body fat percentage down at least 5%. My end results came to losing a total of 26lbs and 8.1% body fat! I currently weigh 107.8lbs

Thank you Mark Drugs for providing me with a weight loss protocol that works!

Mark Drugs Pharmacy