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Innovative Treatment Alternatives for Erectile Dysfunction

Specialty Compounding Pharmacies are able to tailor treatment regimens to fulfill the particular needs of each individual patient. Compounding Pharmacists use innovative and creative techniques to solve medication problems and work closely with physicians to help patients achieve their therapeutic goals.

The Tri-Mix Injection and several other compounds have been synthesized to help patients with Erectile Dysfunction achieve exceptional results. If you and your physician would like to learn more about the various treatment alternatives available to you, please contact us via email and an experienced compounding pharmacist will work with you and your physician to come up with a therapy that best fits your needs.

Possible Options Include:

Current Drug Therapy Consultation

  • Hormone Supplements and Testing
  • Nutrition Supplements
  • Sublingual Lozenges
  • Topical Agents

The information on this website should not be used to diagnose or treat patients without the specific direction and supervision of a physician. You should consult with a physician who knows your medical history and current medical conditions before using Tri-Mix or any erectile dysfunction treatments. Your treatment should be individualized for you by a prescribing physician. Tri-Mix is for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and is not approved by the FDA. Tri-Mix requires a prescription and can only be filled at a compounding pharmacy.

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