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Compression Hosiery in Roselle, IL

There are two types of compression hosiery:

Anti-embolism or TED hose are used for patients who are non-ambulatory, confined to bed. They are used to prevent blood clots from forming during inactivity.

Graduated compression hose is used for ambulatory patients. This is hosiery worn to treat vein problems that cause pain and swelling. Graduated compression supports the vein walls and pushes blood back towards the heart, increasing the blood flow, which reduces the swelling, fatigue, pain, and the possible formation of blood clots.

Varieties Available

Knee high, thigh high, open toe and closed toe, pantyhose, maternity, thigh w/ waist attachment. These garments are also available custom fit.


Garments are billable through some private insurance with a prescription.

This is NOT a Medicare billable item unless an ulcer is present

Brands of Compression Hosiery:

Jobst, Juzo, Medi, Sigvaris, and TED

Colors available (may vary with brand, style & compression):

Suntan, white, black, navy, crisp, nude, beige, toffee, others.


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