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Mark Drugs Roselle
The First Accredited Compounding Pharmacy in Illinois.

Health News Headlines:

Saturday, August 22:
Radio Show: "Danae Sibert"
Returning to the studio was Danae Sibert, Exercise Physiologist and representative of Orenda International. Danae issued a challenge to Mark and listeners on the August 1st show to try a 10-day Detox program and now they will review those results. Tune in to see how all the participants fared and what they experienced. Will they feel energized or drained? Will they be slimmer and trimmer or will there be no difference? Is this a good tune-up or a protocol that can be left by the wayside?
Click here to go to our MP3 page to play audio

Health News - August 22, 2015:
• FDA approves drug for Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
   in Women.
• FDA blunders on Addyi Approval.
• A genetic pathway to Obesity described
• Another consequence of Maternal Overweight
    during pregnancy: Infant Mortality
• Statin use in Women
Click here to read these health articles and more...

Saturday, August 15:
Radio Show Topic: "Patient Access in Illinois to Medical Marijuana"
This Saturday's guest was Pharmacist Joseph Friedman, of the PDI Medical Marijuana Dispensary and Ross Morreale, attorney and owner of the ATARAXIA Medical Marijuana Cultivation Center of Southern Illinois.
We will be discussing the latest information regarding Patient Access in Illinois to Medical Marijuana and how patients and consumers can have an effect on the legislative process. We will be taking calls and answering any questions that may come up regarding this and any other Medical marijuana issues or concerns.
Click here to go to our MP3 page to play audio

Dr's Mark and Teresa went to our nation's Capitol to lobby on behalf of patient access to compounded medications.
They met with congressman Rodney Davis...
Click here to view photos & read about this event

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